Meet the staff

At Play Today we have an awesome group of ladies who love to care for and teach your little ones! #playtodaydropin


Meet Mrs. Christy the director and lead teacher with over 20 years experience working with children. “I want every child to come to know the goodness of God and how much He loves them.”  ‪#‎playtodaydropin‬

playtodaydropin daycare


Meet Mrs. Priscilla, with over 10 years childcare experience. She is our Assistant Director! If you have questions about our policies or your child’s records she is happy to help! ‪#‎playtodaydropin‬

Ms. Alicia

Meet Ms. Alicia, she loves to sing and play with our little friends. With over 7 years experience in child care, she creates a special fun loving atmosphere your child will be sure to enjoy! — at Play Today.

Ms. Ashley

Meet Ms.Ashley she is our Monday and Wednesday teacher for MDO. She has over 20 years of care giving and teaching experience. She is always ready to guide your child into an exciting and fun filled time of learning. #playtodaydropin


Ms. Gigi has had the blessed opportunity to work with children and at risk youth since 1987. Our most seasoned and compassionate teacher she is always ready to love and teach your child with an exceedingly positive attitude! She considers every child a true gift from God. #playtodaydropin — at Play Today.


Meet Ms. Alexis, the newest member of our team is currently seeking her degree in early childhood education. She has been working with elementary age and young children for the past 4 years. Her goal is to help children love school and learning.#playtodaydropin


Meet Ms. Nicole. She has been teaching since 2006 and it is her passion! She particularly enjoys creating and adjusting curriculum to challenge her students. She believes learning is a child’s exploration of life, and tries to keep her class excited to learn.#playtodaydropin — at Play Today.